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Everything you want to know and you have the right to ask about AR.TE.EQ.

All the information we will give you in this page, as well as the one you will find in the pages about the description of transport service and methods of payment, will be binding for us.

You can consider them as the conditions that will rule our dealing. You have not to fear lesser clauses.

Do I have to buy a minimum quantity for each product?

Absolutely no! You can freely choose the quantity you wish to buy for each product.

How can I pay the purchased product?

You can choose the form of payment that suits you best once you have completed the order form.

Bank transfer payments, sending the receipt by email to, by credit card (PayPal circuit) to

When you use this payment method, you will receive the site link PayPal, where you can proceed with the payment of the order.

Even with the PayPal payment method, the debit to the PayPal account is performed at the time of the payment transaction, and is managed directly by PayPal.

For both cards and PayPal, the name that will appear on your statement is Hexagon spa.

Both payments may fail if the credit limit is exceeded, lack of funds, card blocked by the manager or other similar reasons.

In cases like these, the customer must contact their bank directly for any clarifications.

Are the orders always accepted?

An order could be refused completely or in part if we won’t be able to satisfy the quantities indicated for particular exhaustible products in special offer, that the producers couldn’t supply us either.

In both these cases, you will be contacted to agree on replacing products, if any, of the same price, or you will be told the cancellation of the order.

How are the goods delivered?

By GLS, express courier for Italy, with delivery in 24 hours (48 for the south and islands) and Europe in 4 working days.

By DHL in Europe and the rest of the world, with a maximum of one working week.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

Sure! You have just to write to within 24 hours giving as Subject of the message ‘Cancellation order number …’

If you will find an error in the confirmation order mail, or if you will just change your mind, let us know immediately.

If the parcel hasn’t been sent yet, it will be very easy for us to cancel the order. After 24 hours, you can however use your recess right, even if you have already received the goods.

What guarantees can I have on the purchased products?

The n. 185 Legislative Decree dated 22nd May 1999, defends the customer by forcing the mail seller to give particular guarantees.

This law says that you have the right – within 10 days from delivery of goods – to recede from the purchasing by sending back, at your own expenses, what you bought.

Obviously, we already give these guarantees.

But, as we wanted only satisfied customers, we decided to give you more. So, we offer you a 360-degree guarantee.

If something did not satisfy your expectations, just let us know within 10 days in the way you prefer (by telephone, fax, e-mail or registered letter).

You will be refund for the goods that didn’t satisfy you as soon as possible, or – as you wish – we will give you a credit of the same amount for future purchasing.

It will be our duty to recover what you didn’t like.

Return policy

The items you want to return must be returned in the same condition in which they were delivered to you.

The products must be intact, not used or damaged.

For shipping, use the same box and internal packaging in which you received your order or, if this is not possible, an equally safe one.

In the event of a non-compliant or defective product, you can replace it with the same item, if available in stock, or request a refund.

Contact our Customer Assistance service within 10 days from the date of delivery of the order and request the “Return Authorization Number”.

Products authorized for return travel at the expense, care and risk of the Customer.

AR.TE.EQ reserves 14 days to be able to make any refund on the payment method used by the customer at the time of purchase.

How can i track my order?

You will receive an email as soon as the package is shipped.

In the email you will find a link with the tracking of the package.

For any problem you can always contact customer service.

What can I do if my order is delayed or lost?

Contact customer support immediately on the contact page.

The customer service is at your disposal from 9 to 13, from Monday to Friday.

What should i do if i receive damaged products?

Contact customer service immediately on the contact page.

The customer service is at your disposal from 9 to 13, from Monday to Friday.

What shall I do if the parcel is damaged?

We think we chose the best to deliver the delights you bought at your home.

We packed them in the best careful way, but some accident can always occur.

Our 360-degree guarantee is also valid for damaging during the transport.

We ask you just a little favour: if the parcel delivered to you is visibly damaged or it makes you think that a bottle could be broken, refuse it.

This will allow us to make up on the carrier and urge him to do his work always at the best.

What will you do with your customers' data?

Data you will give us, and for which we ask the permit to utilize them, are used exclusively to send you the goods you ordered by fulfilling all the formality established by the law and needed by the Banca di Roma.

That’s all. We won’t use them for further goals; we won’t give them to others for analysis, marketing operations or something else.

In detail: We will use them to fulfil clearances.

We will write your address on the carriage note that we will fill in for Courrier.

We will advise you about our special offer Anyway, according to the 675 law dated 31/12/1996, in every moment you could ask us what are the data about you we have and you could ask their correction or cancellation.

Our responsible for data using is: AR.TE.EQ. – Via del Ramarro,24- 00134 Rome – Italy

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